• Ultra loud bluetooth speaker
  • Handy waterproof storage pocket
  • Mudtastic Bloom.fm sole
  • Available in any colour (as long as it's yellow)
  • Watch the video
Bloom boot Handy waterproof storage pocket The ultimate festival footwear Mudtastic Bloom.fm sole

The ultimate festival footwear!

Keep your feet dry while blasting out tunes between gigs. Featuring a clever in-built speaker, waterproof storage pockets and typical Bloom.fm color scheme you'll be walking on sunshine even if the weather's a wash-out.

An extra treat for Bloom fans - they come complete with branded soles, leaving Bloom.fm footprints with every step, so you can leave your mark on the festival, or follow the footprints to the party.

Just another great reason to give your old wellies the boot and grab a pair of Bloomboots today! All proceeds winging their way to the Bee Cause, to help keep British bees buzzing.